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Rescue & adopted dogs
Anxiety, fear, & aggression
Child/pet interactions

Did you know?

A wagging tail is not always a friendly tail.

In fact, their tail has over 10 different positions, all with different meanings.



Dog Obedience Classes
In our classes our goal is to teach the owner how to interact with their dog in a variety of situations. We help everyone learn more about training, pet communication, dog care, and how to have fun with their canine friends. We teach people how to work with distractions and how to shape a dog's behavior through the use of positive reinforcement, play, and other fun training techniques.

We offer the following classes:

Other Information
All of our classes are held at our facility in the Interbay area between Magnolia and Queen Anne.
The address is: 3439 16th Ave W. For directions and maps, click here.
Class sizes are limited to help everyone get the most out of the experience.
If you have questions, email us at: jtinsley@soundanimals.com


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