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Rescue & adopted dogs
Anxiety, fear, & aggression
Child/pet interactions

Did you know?

In 1957, a dog in Russia named Laikia, launched into space & became the world's first ever space astronaut.


Do you have separate classes for big dogs and little dogs?
No. Of course, safety is top priority, but our primary focus in class, is to help all dogs learn to live life on life's terms. Which means that little dogs need to safely learn how to be around big dogs and big dogs need to learn how to be around little dogs.

What techniques do you use?
We use positive reinforcement with food, praise, and other types of rewards. We also believe that you need to be the leader of the pack and work with you to accomplish that.

Do I have to use treats?
No. Anything that your dog likes will work, i.e. toys, sticks, play, voice etc..

Do I have to use treats for the rest of my dogs life?
No. Once our dogs have learned their commands, a random reward program is better. Also, changing rewards from treats to praise to pets etc. at random is best.

Will the training break my dog's spirit?
Absolutely not. Positive training and techniques enhance the greatest aspects of our dog's personality, and when done correctly, minimizes the worst.

Can my whole family work with training the dog, or should just one of us be the dog's "master"?
We encourage anyone who is involved in the dog's life to come and join in the training, including in class. There is no need for there to be one "master". The dog should listen to anyone who is a part of their lives.

Do I have to spay or neuter my dog to attend classes?
No. While we do encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pets, training is open to everyone.

Can an aggressive dog be turned around?
In many cases yes. For more information, go to our Aggression page.

Can you come to my house, or do I have to try and come to you?
We can meet with you anywhere to get the most out of our training session. If we need to meet at the vet, the dog park, the lake, etc. we will work with you to give you the best results possible.

Does my dog need to have completed all of his vaccinations before starting class?
No. We only allow healthy dogs into our facility. It is safe. All dogs must have started the vaccinations which gives them a small amount of resistance as well.

Why do I want to start class before my dog is completely vaccinated?
The time period between 6 and 20 weeks is the most important developmental time in your dog's life. It is best to start all of your training and socialization as early as possible to prevent serious problems from arising in the future.

Where are your classes located?
We are in the Seattle area between Magnolia, Ballard and Queen Anne at 3439 16th AVE W. Seattle
For directions and maps click here.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept checks or cash at the time of service or you can pay in advance with PayPal


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