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"Thanks in part to your assistance, Lily has become a wonderful pet and family member. She continues to be fun, loving, and seemingly always happy. She is not a barker, no longer nips at Donna like a play toy, and is a great little walker along Alki. She is a loving companion and bonded with both of us. She is a good little traveler having flown to Vegas, Dallas, Oklahoma City and New Orleans. Thanks for all of your help and patience."  

Paula - Seattle

“After just one meeting with Jeff, our clients see dramatic improvement. Every client of ours who has worked with him has been happy with the results.”  

Dr. Steve K. Coffin, DVM

Tashi & Sadie

“My partner and I own two dogs, one a headstrong 7 year-old border collie named Tashi and one a 6 year-old shepherd mix named Sadie Mae. About a year ago, Tashi's behavior started to escalate and she started attacking Sadie Mae whenever the phone would ring or the teakettle would go off. As a last resort, (we had considered giving her away) we asked around for a dog trainer. Jeff came very highly recommended so we asked him to come out. He helped us in such a manner that I never felt stupid or incompetent as a dog owner. He was supportive and encouraging. Things have gone from us being worried about when and how she would react to enjoying having her as part of our family. I wasn't sure that was possible but seeing her now.. I'm sure glad that Jeff helped us realize that it was. He's the best!"  

Marci and Jasper - Carnation

"Jeff is excellent with animals and patient in educating humans. If you have made any contact with him at this time, you don't need to look any further."   

Anna - Edmunds

“The other company we tried, came over and just gave us their standard routine and it did not work. Jeff listened to what we had to say and customized a plan just for us. His approach was easy and it WORKED! We’re very happy and glad that we decided to go with Sound Animal Services."  

The Taylors - Seattle

"We were impressed with his great knowledge, skills and manner... We felt we struck gold with such a respectable trainer that could not only help us train both of our pets, but guide us through the dog psychology on how two dogs live together. Our older dog took to eating dirt and rocks from the back yard. The vet said that he had to stop him eating gravel immediately as he could end up with an intestinal blockage.

Once again another consult with Jeff lead to the solution. I followed his instructions and Pepper stopped eating the dirt and gravel immediately. I cannot tell you how much we rely on him and trust him with our dogs. I HIGHLY recommend Jeff and recommend you use his invaluable services. ”  

Karen - West Seattle

"We read all about how to crate train, how to socialize, how to feed, walk and run a puppy. We bought all the right equipment, books, treats, clickers and even a video.

Then we brought her home. Within two weeks, we were ready to send her back. She was out of control...nothing  like we expected.  We knew we couldn't send her back, so we did more reading and socializing. When we walked near our home, we stopped to share woes with other dog owners. An overwhelming number of people said 'You have to call Jeff Tinsley...he's the best' We opted for another trainer because we liked her website. (Not a good method for choosing a dog trainer.)

After a few sessions we were kicked out for having an "aggressive" dog and she was only 12 weeks. The trainer told us that we should try to get our money back for her. This led us to Sound Animals where we should have started in the first place.

Within minutes, we knew we were on the right track. When Jeff came over he confirmed our worst fears, that we did have an aggressive dog. He said that there was alot of work to do and if we did the work that we would have an awesome dog in two years.

<It is now three years later and could not be happier. She listens to us, plays well with other dogs and children. We get comments all the time about how great of a dog she is. Jeff knew how to work with her and us.

Thank you for taking the time to work with us and for knowing what other trainers do not."

Cindy & Helen - Seattle

"At about 7 months, after both "Beginning" and "Intermediate" training with Jeff, Harry, my Standard Poodle puppy, suddenly developed what I labeled a "personality disorder." Overnight he exhibited all kinds of phobias - mainly concerning the upstairs in my house. Something about the stairs scared him. He would come part way and then freeze and cower. After trying to coax him, bribe him and lead him - none of which worked. Once upstairs he would run behind a chair or attempt to crawl under the coffee table. He literally acted like an abused dog. He was fearful, reticent and wary. This was a Harry that I did not recognize. I was worried sick, almost frantic.

But, before I did anything further, I called Jeff and asked for his advice as to how to proceed. Jeff came over solved the problem within 10 minutes. I can't begin to tell you how relieved and happy I am. All is well here in our household and Harry's doing just fine.”

Marion - Seattle  


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