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Rescue & adopted dogs
Anxiety, fear, & aggression
Child/pet interactions
Did you know?

The oldest dog ever documented was an Australian cattle-dog named Bluey. He lived to the age of 29 years and 5 months!


Jeff Tinsley & Sound Animal Services

Our mission is to provide people with a positive environment in which to learn. We always want you to feel that you are important and so is your dog.

One of the things that separates us from other trainers and facilities is that we try to never make you feel bad for having made some mistakes, or maybe didn't make all the right choices. We are here to help you, not preach to you.

We work with any dog, no matter the problem.

Our classes are always fun while still remaining challenging. Customer service, follow-up, and being available to answer questions is very important to us so, even in a busy class we try to make time for someone who needs it.

For information on owner Jeff Tinsley, click here.

For information on head trainer Julie McCallum-Allen, click here.

For testimonials from previous clients, click here.

Other Information
All of our classes are held at our facility in the Interbay area between Magnolia and Queen Anne. The address is: 3439 16th Ave W. For directions, and maps, click here.

If you have questions, email us at: jtinsley@soundanimals.com


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