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Did you know?

A wagging tail is not always a friendly tail.

In fact, their tail has over 10 different positions, all with different meanings.


Julie McCallum-Allen

My life has been dedicated to teaching others. As a former educator and school principal, and now as a Certified Professional dog trainer, I use my teaching skills, along with my passion for dogs, to educate owners how to develop positive, loving and effective relationships with their dogs that will last! I have a strong and experienced background in dog rescue and shelter work, having been kennel, foster home and volunteer coordinator and board member for WAMAL (Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League). My work with WAMAL puts me in direct contact with dogs from a wide variety of backgrounds, some with quite difficult behaviors, and it is this interaction that gives me practical hands-on experience of dealing with challenging situations. My commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs is only equaled by my commitment to making sure every dog and owner I train develop a mutually respectful bond that lasts a lifetime!!

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