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Rescue & adopted dogs
Anxiety, fear, & aggression
Child/pet interactions
Did you know?

It has been shown that people who own dogs have less stress, fewer heart attacks, and live longer.


Private Dog Training

At Sound Animals we strive to help everyone meet their needs and to make sure that every client benefits from their dog behavior training experience with us.

The benefits of a private lesson:

  • In your home
  • Or at the park, on walks, etc.

  • Customized dog training program
  • Fits your dog's need as well as yours.

  • Convenient
  • Works with your schedule.

  • Better for some nervous or shy dogs
  • Less distractions and noise is sometimes better.

  • Helpful adjustment to a new home
  • Help you and your dog "Get on the same page".

  • Dogs that are aggressive
  • We help any dog. They all deserve the best.

    Sometimes dogs that are aggressive with other dogs benefit from private lessons and other times from a class setting. We can help you decide which is better for you.

    You can email us at: JTinsley@soundanimals.com   Or call:(206)933-1673

    For more information on our classes for dogs who are aggressive with other dogs, click here.


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